COVA in the Classroom

What does COVA look like in the classroom? How and why should I implement it? I discovered these answers and more while implementing a student project with the help of my 6th grade English teacher and librarian. Together, we produced a project centered around the COVA method. COVA, an acronym for giving students Choice, Ownership, … Continue reading COVA in the Classroom

Gamifying Classroom Management with Classcraft

As a new Digital Learning Coach I have been bombarded by educational apps and tech I did not even know existed. After filtering through these apps and getting up to speed on many, I have something worthy of shouting out to the masses. An app that has me so excited I'm giggling sinisterly like a … Continue reading Gamifying Classroom Management with Classcraft

COVA + CSLE: A Personal Learning Reflection

Through my experience in the Digital Learning and Leading (DLL) program at Lamar University I have been exposed to many innovative education concepts. Two foundational concepts that have supported my learning throughout the program are the COVA method and Creating Significant Learning Environments (CSLE). COVA, an acronym for Choice, Ownership, Voice, and Authentic learning, is … Continue reading COVA + CSLE: A Personal Learning Reflection