Hello! My name is Justin Clark and I am an instructional technology specialist living in the DFW area. I am driven to make a difference because I believe education is the key to making the world a better place. Education promotes self actualization, allowing individuals to realize their potential, strive for goals, and cultivate success. Signs of effective education are seen in organizational goals, institutional growth, and positive workforce culture. It is our mission to provide education to individuals so they may impact the world around them.

I have been a trainer and developer for the past 15+ years specializing in hospitality and education settings. My background centers around customer service and uses talents in technology and design to create instructional solutions for professionals and students. I love what I do so much I wanted to create a website to grow and share my voice. This website serves as a professional learning community and I encourage you to participate in our quest to create education to change the world around us.


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