Course websites are the single greatest tool I have come across as an educator. They serve as a collection for all your curriculum and technology tool needs, helping teachers connect students, parents and the community to the classroom. In this post I detail the required steps to successfully implement course websites in Dickinson ISD. The ideas presented here follow the 5 Principle of Professional Learning found in Gulamhussein’s Teaching the Teachers: Effective Professional Development in an Era of High Stakes Accountability, a research study on the successful implementation of professional development. In addition to this, we will also be focusing on strengthening personal relationships in an effort to increase accountability and better our school work environment. It is my hope that by focusing on our personal relationships and filtering these through the 5 Principles of Professional Development, we will be able to implement course websites faster and with less complications.

Sequence of Events for Professional Development for Implementing Course Websites



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Image Source:

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