How do we create a course that will educate and engage a diverse group of learners? No matter the content or subject, the age or aptitude of the learner, the tools used, or the setting in which learning takes place, knowing how to create a learning environment allows you to infinitely change the variables of teaching and still find success. Please take a look at this collection of posts to discover the important components to creating a significant learning environment.


A New Culture of Learning – Analyzing how 21st century students are learning allows us to better imagine how we may educate a new age of learners.


My Learning Philosophy – Analyzing and crafting your own learning philosophy allows you to better understand your biases of how we learn. This is important for you and your students as it helps you better understand your role as a teacher.


Goal Oriented Course Planning – Creating a goal and using a backward design planning method allows us to achieve success in our learning outcomes. Learn how to macro plan using Fink’s 3 Column Table design with a big hairy audacious goal.


Narrowing in on Course Planning – The Understanding by Design method allows us to apply the backward design process but in a micro sense. This is a great planning tool for day to day lessons.


Comparing Course Design Models – Still wondering which method of planning may work for you? Check out this comparison to see how these two backward design planning methods stack up to each other.


Growth Mindset Plan – With all these pieces we can’t stick ‘em all together without a little glue. The Growth Mindset plan is the glue that holds all of this together. If we apply it to our classrooms and teach students they can achieve with hard work and determination, our learning outcomes will sky rocket.


Thank you for checking out these course design links. After studying and applying these concepts in my own field, I am confident in their ability to influence a significant learning environment for you, no matter the subject, age, aptitude, or setting. Please comment if you agree/disagree, have experience with these ideas, have your own thoughts on creating a learning environment, would like to add an additional comment, or if you have any questions. Let’s make this next school year the best year yet!


Image Source

Software Answers Inc. (May 14, 2013). Offering rewards for good behavior can improve classroom conditions. Found at Located on 8/7/2017.

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