In order to implement blended learning through course websites, it is evident a clear, strategic plan will need to be developed if this initiative is going to have success. After all, organizational change is difficult, especially in education, and special precautions need to take place for a lasting change to take place. In order to give my innovation plan the greatest chance for success, I will be creating a plan based on the work of leading behavioral scientists who have studied how to influence organizational change. Influencer: the New Science of Leading Change by Joseph Grenny seeks to explain why some people are better influencers than others. From his research, Joseph Grenny deducts there are three keys to successful organizational change: have a focused, measurable goal; focus on a small number of vital behaviors; engaging all six sources of influence to change targeted behaviors (Grenny, 2013). Therefore, to have the organizational change I wish to seek in implementing course websites is imperative that I begin with a concise goal, identify and test vital behaviors, and engage all six sources of influence.

The Goal

To have most of Dickinson ISD teachers use a course website to incorporate blended learning into their classroom by June 1, 2020.


Vital Behaviors

  1. Teachers will receive training on how to design course websites.
  2. Teachers will update course websites weekly with lesson plans.
  3. Teachers will access course websites during class time.


Six Sources of Influence

Six Sources of Influence (1)


Organizational Influencers

  • Administrators
  • Department Heads/Team Leaders
  • Technology Department



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Image Source

Social Media Monthly. (November 21, 2016). Measuring the impact of influencer marketing. Cool Blue Media 2017. Found at Accessed on 7/28/2017.


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