As I move forward with the implementation of course websites, it becomes evident that I will need appeal to my colleagues the value and impact course websites will have on our students. In order to make this appeal more effective I have taken to Simon Sinek’s ‘Start with Why’ to create a why message for course websites. In order for course websites to be successful we will have to filter everything we do through this why message. Through this why message we will speak to the hearts of our colleagues to inspire them to take part in creating significant organizational change. Without further ado, I present course websites’ why message:



We will make the world a better place by teaching the leaders of tomorrow.


We will increase student confidence and success through authentic learning projects that prepare students for the world of tomorrow while bettering students’ school experience today.


We tactfully incorporate course websites into instruction to feature authentic learning, differentiated instruction, encouragement through feedback, and reflection in class chatrooms.


Why Speak to the Heart

Usually educators start their careers with some sort of goal, that they can inspire and make an impact on someone’s life and make the world a better place. By speaking to the heart of educators and reminding them of their original valiant goals, people will be more likely to support organizational change if it aligns to their core beliefs. People will take on the organizational change for themselves, take pride and ownership in their efforts towards change, and be more likely to show continued support of the change when it is aligned to their personal mission. In creating my Why message for implementing course websites, I listened to my own heart and followed my original goal when I became an educator. It is only through numerous trainings, advice from veteran teachers, and my own experience I have come to learn the way to achieve my goal is to implement course websites and train educators on how to marry authentic learning strategies with technology.

A Sense of Urgency

In order to accomplish any goal a sense of urgency must be established. If people are hesitant to start to change then the change will never get off the ground and running. This is especially true when dealing within education, as education has changed very little over the past hundred years. Therefore, in order to establish a sense of urgency within the context of course websites, we first inspire our staff by speaking to their hearts and then set goals for our staff to meet, e.g. ‘I will have a complete unit’s worth of course material on a website by the units end’. In order to ensure subjects are able to meet these goals, we will immediately establish staff training that allows time to create the websites. This will be an excellent opportunity to address many of the complacency issues teachers will no doubt have as they try to make the change. It will be important to address these issues immediately in order to ensure satisfaction among the staff and to not slow the trailblazers who are excited to implement the change. However, if we are able to establish a sense of urgency and work through complacency issues, we will be able to start the process of change and create course websites.



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Featured Image

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