This report finds the best path for Dickinson ISD to increase student academic achievement, student and community engagement, and continue to conservatively evolve toward offering more  blended learning solutions is to implement websites for all Dickinson ISD courses. This decision was determined after researching numerous reports and evaluating current and future district, state, national and global goals in education.  This report takes in considerations towards the needs of our student population, community, and district including its’ finances and staff to find a comparable solution to all.

The plan to develop a website for every course offered by Dickinson ISD will take place over a three year period. It calls on teachers to collaborate with fellow course instructors (with the aid of instructional technologists and administration) to create a course website which students and community members can access at any time outside of school hours. By doing this, the plan increases communication to students, parents, and community members and places all course lessons and educational tools with reach. This will have a positive effect on creating a community of learning and increase students’ self-responsibility to achieve their own learning when outside the face-to-face classroom.

This report includes an outline which chronicles the scheduled changes needed to implement district change, as well as a literature review which explains using data why course websites will be necessary for district growth. In order to sustain organizational change I have also compiled an annotated list of additional resources that will aid our district through this transition. In order to sustain growth, I have also included my personal goals to stay up-to-date in instructional technologies as this will be important during the three-year transition and beyond

It is with great enthusiasm I present to you a plan to increase student achievement and community engagement by using course websites.


Links to the Innovation Plan:

Course Website Promotional Video

Course Website Literature Review

My Goals and Annotated Bibliography to Help Implement Course Website Plan

Outline for Course Website Innovation Plan

Letter of Proposal

Featured Image

Clark, Justin. (May 2017). DHS World Geography Course Website. Found at

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