Well it has been nearly 3 weeks since I began my ePortfolio and wanted to give a quick update on the process of creating it. Overall, the process has been very frustrating. Switching from using Weebly’s easy drag and drop design to WordPress’ confusing sidebar options has been the most difficult and time consuming process. In Weebly I have complete control over website structure and navigation and how to design aesthetically pleasing webpages. This is not the case with WordPress. WordPress’ side bar options are confusing to say the least, and while they give you ‘theme’ layout templates I am perplexed as to why my website looks nothing like the ‘theme’ I have chosen, nor do I know how to edit the site to make it look like the ‘theme’ I’ve chosen. Overall WordPress’ user-ability is pretty low. Other frustrations with WordPress I have come across are how to re-size pictures and their placement on the webpage, how to move the location of blog posts, and how to organize my landing page. These are tasks that I could easily fix with Weebly in a matter of seconds but have been impossible to figure out on my own.

With all the negative things to say about WordPress, I must say I still plan to stick with it for two reasons: I chose WordPress because of its ability to allow users to write in their own Java and CSS coding scripts and because I wanted to learn a new website platform. I immediately plan to start with online tutorials on how to edit WordPress and soon hope to begin learning how to code. My overall goal with choosing WordPress was to continue learnign how to code and apply it to this website. This however will not be an easy task and will take much more time.

As far as actually keeping up with my ePortfolio’s goals, I have to say it is much easier and more satisfying than I had expected.  I have always been a writer at heart, so being able to write blog posts about topics that interest me is not difficult. I also find that as I write more articles and participate in continuing education groups I am able to write about more and more topics. I hope this is a trend that keeps going. Overall, I am excited about this webpage and have great ambitions for it, just got to keep on keepin’ on.

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