IMG_2530My name is Justin E. Clark and I have been described as driven, professional, intelligent, and creative. I began a career in education as a way to give back to the community after being inspired by virtuous teachers in my teenage years. I never realized the path I was heading down would take me to work in education, but I believe the many talents and trainings I have received have developed me to be a great educator.

The education I have received is indicative of my diverse talents and trainings. In 2017 I enrolled in Lamar Universities Digital Learning and Leading Master’s Program in the hope to become an educational technology specialist and one day, educational technology director. However, before realizing this dream I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Houston Clear Lake in History in hopes of being a lawyer. My classes at the university were tailored around reading and writing, arguing, philosophy, logic, and education. These classes prepared me to be a public speaker with a keen, piercing intellect. I also hold an Associate of Applied Science degree in Audio Engineering from San Jacinto College. My love for music directed me to begin my college career with this degree in the hopes of being a famous studio engineer. What is extraordinary about my education as an audio engineer is that in addition to the degree requirements I strived to take upper-level music courses to satisfy my creative needs, all while having no formal music background, and began my role as a leader when I was elected President of our school’s Music and Entertainment Organization. I believe my diverse education has truly made me unique as an educator.

While my diverse education has uniquely shaped my talents and abilities, my professional career has given me character and ambition. I have had a long professional career but only began a career path in education in 2013. Prior to becoming an educator, I had accrued fifteen plus years in the food and service industry, having held just about every restaurant job imaginable from fast food chains to the most exclusive fine dining restaurants. Through these experiences I learned the importance of customer service, professionalism, pride and humility, and etiquette.

In 2013, however, I was curious to see what teaching was like and so began substitute teaching at Santa Fe High School. The very next year I was hired on as an 8th grade U.S. history teacher in Galveston ISD where I was mentored by Justin Tucker and Jeff Liwag. These individuals introduced to me to the importance of planning, classroom management, test creation, and educational technology. These two individuals are so influential to me because they motivated me, guided my professional development, and piqued my intrigue in what is possible in education. In 2016 I began working for Dickinson ISD teaching 9th grade world geography and coaching JV soccer. Through this experience I have been given the opportunity to focus on leadership and expanding the horizons of classroom websites.

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