Here it is, my first blog post. Ever. I never thought I would be a blogger, but having reviewed content in Applying Education Technology EDLD 5303 course at Lamar University, I can clearly see the benefits of maintaining an ePortfolio to show my personal and professional growth as a lifelong learner to education and technology. So, here goes.

What do you do with a website? How do you envision the website?

These are very real questions that I have asked; it’s hard to get going. And here I am, diving in as a first timer. How do I picture the website? I picture big, beautiful pictures; detailed descriptions; easy-to-use organization and formatting; helpful links that are still active; topics on current issues and include follow ups; information presented is on relevant issues; and the website getting more traffic than Amazon on cyber Monday.

Reality Check.

I need a simplified vision of the website. I envision the website as a forum for an online community of teachers, edtechs, and managers who are continuing to improve their craft. To help keep the website true to this idea I am enlisting a few SMART goals to help.

My goals for this site will be the following:

  • Continually maintain a website by adding at least one post each month
  • Keep posts authentic, valid, and relevant to personal and professional growth surrounding education, technology, and management.
  • Report and reflect on new trends and information I am learning
  • Opens discussions that offer/seek advice on important issues of the moment
  • Encourage the development of best practices pedagogy in the 21st century
  • Connect with an online community that engages in education, technology, and management
  • Organize the website to allow easy userbility that is also stimulating
  • Evaluate website progress and goals

I believe that just about does it for my first blog post ever. Whew! Cue cheesy stock photo of a sunrise to symbolize new beginnings.


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